*YunJae* All Time Tribute

My first made tribute for the lovely couple of TVXQ or DBSK. This is a collection of all the WMA JaeHo clips I have. Sorry to mention but I ... all » can't include the FLV clip though it would have been better. pairing: JaeHo, YunJae, Yoonjae or UknowHero owner: HeavensWine link: http://AkameJaeho.multiply.com I can't upload it at YouTube since it's more than 100mb. Please don't criticize my timings. Hehehe. Kidding. I think the timings quite ok. Hope you guys like it. *HeavensWine* *smiles* *dream* >>>cayetano<<< «

วิธีชม คลิปวีดีโอ ไม่ให้กระตุก กด II รอให้แทบสีเต็ม แล้วกด > เพื่อชม

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