xman [02.04.2006] english sub pt 4

From formula17
ENGLISH SUB. CREDIT TO TRANSLATORS FR... ENGLISH SUB. CREDIT TO TRANSLATORS FROM SOOMPI.PLEASE NO WHINING ABOUT SOME PARTS WHICH WERE NOT SUBBED.I'M ALREADY GRATEFUL THAT PEOPLE FROM SOOMPI DECIDED TO DO SUB FOR XMAN SHOWS.Please don't kill me. My internet is acting up, so the upload took ages! I hope tomorrow is better. But i'll try uploading anyway. I watched loads of xman today and all are hilarious. I get soooo excited i can't wait to upload!!! =DOohhhh my kibum my kibum!!! In xman!!! Sooo cute! I wish Shiwon was here too! Anyway, this xman episode is hilarious! Love Sung Gin and Brian of course!!!ji sang ryul, park myung soo, lee sung jin, kim jung min, brian, kcm, lee seung ki, eru, kim kibum, chaeyeon, lee soo young, bada, shinji, choi na

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