Happy Birthday Rain/Bi!PART 2

From kswoo
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JI HOON!MAKE SURE YOU ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JI HOON!MAKE SURE YOU WATCHED THE 1ST PART FIRST!! HEH..GO BACK AND CHECK FOR IT IF YOU HAVEN'T!HEHE..this vid..i made it as a timeline of Rain's career..many pics may not be in the right place..please forgive me so..;D...i also wanna say that i took quotes for several WONDERFUL MEMBERS off of the Bi/Rain Jeong Ji Hoon group here on youtube to use it in my vid..leave some love for rain also!:DBIG CREDITS:PAPAPANDABI & oAdorableMinnieo & RAIN/BI GROUP MEMBERS!sexybijeongjihunasianfanaticsall bi/rain sites..:Dmusic by rain...handshake..bad guy...Nanhow to avoid the sunit's rainingsad tangopantech songtoo muchfreeway..wherever you go...coco lee..

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