[ENG SUB] Super Adonis Camp Ep 1.03

From formula17
Translator: LiyySubber: munkeyVideo: ... Translator: LiyySubber: munkeyVideo: sjfamilyIn the video i put sjblue :( Got it all messed up when it's supposed to be sjfamily. The chinese raw i got it from sjfamily + mintoro. Liyy translated it from chinese to english. So there might be some discrepancy between the korean, chinese and english as it's being translated from korean to chinese, and from chinese to english. This is just an attempt so spread more Super Junior's love. Thank you sjfamily for the chinese subbing and Liyy for your great effort in translating it to english. We, english viewers really appreciate it so much! (more)

วิธีชม คลิปวีดีโอ ไม่ให้กระตุก กด II รอให้แทบสีแดงเต็ม แล้วกด > เพื่อชม

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