DBSK drama "unforgettable love" [4/6] Eng Subtitle

From jennie
SynopsisBanjun drama, or reverse drama SynopsisBanjun drama, or reverse drama. A series of short stories, usually a different one each episode where the plot reverses in the form of a twist somewhere near the end. There are several stories, each performed by two-all five members of DBSK (Dong Bang Shin Gi). The mini series starts off with the members of DBSK and playing a series of games to determine which roles they are to act as in a later challenge. In the final part of the show, all the members of DBSK must be able to complete a scene of "The Man and King" without any mistakes, given 10 chances. If suceeded, the group are allowed to travel abroad to film their Banjun Drama. Unforgettable LoveWhile U-know happily goes on a date,Jae Joong, Micky, Max and Xiah talk about their first love involving mystery, humour, tears and danger.

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