Golf-Mike Wake Club 25th Anniversary Nitipong Hor-Nark

From kmwolm
Golf-Mike Wake Club 25 ปี นิติพงษ์ ห่อนาค This is the 25th anniversary celebration of GMM Grammy's top song writer, Nitipong Hor-Nark. Golf-Mike saluted him by telling that Nitipong (P'Dee) always writes beautiful songs for many artists including themselves. (Nitipong wrote "Ta Lok Dee", "Ruang Lek Kaung Tur" and "Kaub Khun Young Noi Pai" for Golf-Mike.) And they talked about their favourite Nitipong's written song called "Kah Jai" by Jetrin Wattanasin. (In Wake Club, Golf also sang a sample of "Kah Jai".) video clip by regina.http://www.golfmikethailand...

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